4 x 5 Sculpture. Wood, Wax, Prosthetic eyes
I am interested in the underneath stuff, the things that we do not like to bring out into the light of day but are always there just below the surface. There is play between conflicting emotions or perceptions, something can be disgusting and disturbing yet evoke humor or pique our curiosity. We want to look at what we may find disturbing - freak shows, horror movies, car accidents- things that are believable yet foreign, things that shock us out of the mundane rhythm of our daily existence. We shield our eyes yet peak through out fingers, we plug our noses but only after taking a second waft of the odor. The details of life are gruesome. We wrap them in packages to hide the inner workings. The hidden parts and pieces are what make it work; bone, flesh, blood and tissue make our body move, but they are not pretty. I create scenarios based upon the physical nature of existence - biological, mechanical - and tweak it, turn it over on its belly to reveal its viscera.