15,7 x 11,8 Ink on paper
The Unreal Project is a long term project which has been developing since 2013. Every day I paint a self-portrait by ink on paper. The works constitute personal records of the every day, a mix of political, cultural and private events, which on first impression are not related. Since 2013 I have observed happenings related to the events in the Calais, Tunisia, Middle East, Ukraine and Great Britain which come to us as filtered information through media. Some of them have became direct inspirations and some of them were filtered and filtered again through my position of observation until it lost the meaning. The name of the project is borrowed from Georgia O'Keeffe’s “Nothing is less real than realism”. The Unreal selection contains over 300 watercolour, done by ink on paper, 15, 7 / 11,8 inches each.