20 x 30 Photograph
One of the most confounding enigmas I've ever experienced is the notion that art only is, if done in one specific manner, to a certain set of rules, with an exacting gamut of tools. Light, for example, is only truly light if it's pure. A painting ought never look like a photograph or vice versa; a line only ever ought be straight. As creators, we too often are tasked as sophomoric contributors to society with holding the fleeting attention of a viewer and using said moment to define our prowess or success. Is not the viewer however, the newly evolved creator once the final medium is hung on the wall? Are they not then the definer once we have released control of the medium? My obsession with light is its disruption of darkness. My hope for an audience is their becoming luminescent beams themselves. Our very existence defies the aforementioned quagmire. I hope you'll agree. Cheers, - Anthony