17 x 22 digital photograph/inkjet print
Fifteen Days in Afghanistan: In September, 2014, I had an incredible opportunity to travel to Mazar-i Sharif in northern Afghanistan. Being here felt exactly like what it must feel like to land in a spaceship on another planet. In fact, this journey has helped lead to a major personal self-realization - that I am an alien, sent from another world, to document planet Earth. People ask me what it means to me or feels like to have been there, and obviously there are so many individual stories about the people we encountered and the places we went, but for me the images and the memories increasingly become surreal - like half remembered vignettes from a fever dream. These images are about my sense of otherness as much as they are about the people and places themselves. It’s Turtles All The Way Down: This image is from a series exploring creation myths through toys. I wanted to create an absurdist take on the seriousness of these myths and the archaic belief systems they’re founded upon.