18 x 24 Theriamosyne's Spring - Digital Color Composite
Berette Macaulay is an award winning photo-artist born in Sierra Leone of West African/Dominican/German-Czech descent. She was raised in Jamaica and the UK, is now based in the US. Her creative journey began as a performer and writer. • Universal power and energy is the portal for the creation and birth of all things. Mythology and psychology heavily influence my creative vocabulary as these specifically pertain to the creative use of Memory and thus the belief systems and symbols that influence our sense of reverence. I am, as a multicultural woman artist, using mythological tales from transcontinental influences to find a common root, a universal idea, a single Memory that binds us to back together. The forgetful space in which we reside globally that allows abuse and violent neglect of each other is now ready to be filled by our contemporary creative warriors. This is the ultimate power of transcultural mythos – irrespective of history, nation or realm.