33 x 40 Double exposure in camera / medium format 6 x 7
The way my father's senile dementia affected my work for years was addressed through the metaphor of ghosts. The "ghost" not limited to its baleful connotation but as a promise of life after death. The last months before his demise I started using double exposures of New York's old mansions as a way to portray that somber and exhausting performance people who suffer senile dementia often do, which is the overlapping of two unrelated spaces: The body in one place and the mind far away in a different location, in a different time and suffering in this confusion. I appropriated his glance by creating an image that metaphorically represents that action of molding spaces. With that, I continued performing (even in distance) the act of accepting that irrationality as my own view, this action used to make him at ease, that he was being understood in his confusion. In distance it made me feel at ease too. It is an appropriation forced by love, it is also a lie, forced by the same motive.