36 x 48 Oil & charcoal on canvas
Pareidolia is the human desire to find patterns and faces in everything. A painting is done when it has taken on a life of its own and I become the spectator to these figures. Each piece is a chapter and the series completes the book. Throughout my painting process, I turn the canvas onto different angles, continuously gaining new perspective. Each piece is more about the journey than the outcome, which is projected in complex layers. I let composition and balance guide my strokes allowing the viewer to travel through and around the work. I am influenced by my experiences and by my surroundings, particularly the geometric forms of buildings juxtaposed with the organic and transient forms of fog, reflections, and clouds, as well as the colors associated with them. A bright orange could be perceived as a sunset, a flower, a streetlight or pollution spewing out of sewer pipes. My goal is to offer beauty in non-subjective forms. Let the viewer determine what that orange means.