20 x 25 Photograph
I spend a lot of time walking with a heavy pack full of camera equipment. I take pictures. Then I go home and dream of things I think I saw, things I imagined, things I didn’t photograph. Sometimes I go back to find them, but more often I recreate them or the unshakable feeling I have about them. The original photographs and the fabricated images are not that different in the end; they both take slivers of experience and uncertainty layered atop each other, and insistently compress them onto flat paper. Just as we often do not know the difference between what we’ve seen and what we’ve dreamed, between internal and external narratives, so do images veil their subject. But still we look. We wake up every day with a need to understand the world around us. And we don’t fail exactly, but we don’t get there either. There’s a stubborn hope, a pressing search through endless piles of moments that don’t quite amount to anything comprehensible and that only add to the unending desire to know.