13 x 19 Archival pigment print
Much of my photography relates to light and darkness, to decay and transformation (mostly in nature). These are the border zones of myth. The process of memory on time. The photos I'm submitting involve myth and memory of a personal kind. My mother died in July. These are photos of a series I'm calling Memento Mori, the personal reminders of death in life for me. (Less a series, really, than pure emotion.) They are photos of small items and jewelry I find as I go through the few things she left (six small boxes). My first creative response to her dying, to holding on and letting go. Here darkness and memory are the fabric of the photos. Each piece fading into darkness, in the process of slipping away. Most of the items are quite old, probably from her aunts or my grandmother. Some I've never seen. Others I remember from childhood. Another aspect of memory fading.