4" x 6" Silk and Wool embroidery on Wool fabric
I spend a lot of time thinking about how we’re born into fantasies of the way life should be and the ways that comes crashing down around us. For me, this often means issues of gender and sexuality, however I find myself touching on many different mythological social constructs. Connecting my personal experiences and traumas with a larger picture of historic and modern systems of power makes me feel connected to both the past and the future. This comes through in the mediums I select and the imagery I use. I focus on clothing and handwork based mediums; embroidery, knitting, beading, sewing. However I remain open to all mediums. Being trained as a fashion designer nurtured my love of exquisitely finished well crafted luxury items. This love gets fed back into all the work I create no matter what medium I venture to. Armed with strong ideas, it's important for me to always be flexible with the ways I express them. I aim to create work that affects your head and your heart.