Single channel video
In the works I have recently developed, I theorize a new approach to subjectivity through a series of performative sculptural encounters that deal with relationality, desire, weight, production and consumption. The most natural way for me to embrace these ideas are to go in and out of object making, performance and video. The sequence of events in my single-channel video titled Graded points to a sense of place felt internally as I negotiate public space. Wearing a suit expelling wax balls, I ascend a ramp in the subway. The surprising and disruptive presence of my suit, the balls and myself renders the commuters surrounding me active. The changing mass of compacted balls acts as a sculptural appendage and autonomous body, outside of the quotidian. Here, movement turns sculptural appendage into sculptural expulsion. The new reference is one of fantastical realism as it dislocates what the body contains and expels.