14 x 17 Oil Stick, oil pastel, chalk pastel, graphite and colored pencil on paper
The attached works were made in 2015 for my art series, the Anna Pierrepont Series [howardskrill.blogspot.com]. The series, which started five years ago, consists of my wandering the urban space of NYC and creating 'plein air appropriations', drawings of public statuary. The project has evolved to include pictorial essays such as 'Civic Virtue' that has just been published in 'Assisi' the literary magazine of St. Francis College. These essays enable me to extend the Anna Pierrepont Series far beyond the stasis of these works' permanent and sometimes impermanent presence in the urban landscape. I worked for a decade at One Broadway and am deeply familiar with the allegorical personifications of continents as voluptuous females from the Customs House in the Battery in Lower Manhattan. With three possible entries for this exhibition, I have left out Europe and include America, Asia and Africa. Australia has no perch at the Customs House.