30 x 20 digital C print
The urge to self-replicate and fill the world with our own image is primal and ancient, an urge which extends from viruses to gods. In “Self-titled,” I have stripped the human face from the art of portraiture, replacing it with the latex manifestation of my own DNA. In this way, I have been able to photograph human beings as objects, like food or landscapes. In addition to this severe betrayal of subjectivity, I wanted to stamp these photos with my own brand, my own phenotype, the same way that people stamp themselves on the future by creating children. The modern age is no different from the primitive past: we wear the faces of those whose power we seek to wield, and we harness the powers of the natural world by impressing these phenomena with our own image. In this project, I also wanted to elaborate on my previous work, such as “Headcount,” where I used the faces of others in order to create a composite version of masculinity. Here, I am putting my most immediate understanding of