12 x 17 Photography- Digital
I turned 30 on the coattails of a breakup with someone I had been with since I was 22. The combination of these two life events is what inspired me to create “A Colourful Life”. When turning 30 as a woman, it’s common for people to volunteer their opinions on your changing vitality. People feel especially free to note that your best years are coming to an end. The onslaught of these misguided opinions paired with adapting to life alone had me bothered. I had seen some images from India’s Holi Festival and was inspired by the otherworldly effect that the application of this substance had on those who used it. I wanted to use the powder as an incongruously playful environment for women who were well past their “best years” and still every bit as vital. I couldn’t be happier with the results. A Colourful Life shows us that we should all be happy to celebrate each year that we age because in reality, the alternative is far less appealing.