18 x 26 Wood frame, salt, glue, LED lights
Blue:Volume One is a 3D relief created with salt, adhesive, acrylic and LED lights on a framed mirror. The process of applying these materials, though slow and deliberate, unfolded without any preconceptions of what would be created. After finishing each piece in the color volumes series, I examined each with a photographic lens, generating a series of 8 C-prints. It was only when I decided to restrain this unconventional, unregulated form of art-making within the borders of traditional photography that I started seeing worlds, new mythologies in the making. The personal myth that emerged out of Blue:Volume One is that of the Extra Terrestrial. The ET myth is deployed by people who don't believe they fit in with what society deems is the norm. Identifying as a complete other is, counter intuitively, the first step of coming back into conversation with society. It allows the self-identified exile to perform the role of the alien's descent to earth.