24 x 48
My work seeks to engage with the viewer on an aesthetic, mystical, subconscious, and spiritual plane - evoking themes of interconnectedness, dream consciousness, nature, and the human condition. My art is based around intricate line work, most of which is produced via freeform drawing. Working with a combination of paint markers, acrylics, spray paint, and, at times, Photoshop, I create murals, mixed media paintings, drawings and C-prints which merge freestyle forms inspired by nature with figurative elements such as large female faces, animals, and mystical iconography from the ancient world. Ultimately, I am interested in creating visual art that promotes evolution of consciousness. Influences on my work include Keith Haring, Alex Grey, Aubrey Beardsley, Rochelle Marcus Dinkin, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Middle Eastern ornamental art, as well as primitive/tribal art.