15 x 16 Acrylic on paper and canvas
When I meditate I connect with what I consider to be the great mystery; that is, what lies deep inside all of us, the essence of what makes us each unique. That mystery is the stillness and the silence within. It is formless, unlimited, full of potential and unconditional love. Through my art, I apply luminosity of color, light, and flow to this mystery. My hope is that the painting allows viewers to connect with that space within themselves. I derive my inspiration and creativity not only from my inner space, but also from my surrounding world; the lights in the corridor of the Fulton Street subway station, a young man's iPad screen I happened to glance at, the dining scene from the movie, The Band's Visit'd. My art is based around shapes and colors and my goal is that the viewer loses him/herself in the color, and merges with the art itself. I want the viewer to have a direct, intimate, primordial, emotional experience.