24 x 36 Acrylic and late paint on canvas
MsWritten Art My electric and erratic abstract pieces are a vision in to the emotional expression of a self-proclaimed “visual junky”. All of the pieces that I have created fixate on an obsession for polymers. I work primarily with acrylic and latex paints. I am starting to branch out into more mixed media pieces. This includes, hot gluing found objects from my adventures into my work. My catalog features pieces that focus on rapid gestures, quick flips of the wrist, and a lot of energy through bright hues. I consider myself to be an expressionistic painter. Even the things that are a bit more representational, I still view as abstract expressionism. Everything I paint has everything I have inside of me inside its textures. These are made purely by emotional fuel and the desire to express. I hail from Akron, Ohio and relocated to Philadelphia in 2009 where I currently reside. Dabbling in writing after moving, then know by my given name “Kori”, I coined the pen name “MsWritten”.