16 x 16 Acrylic on chair, boxing gloves.
Together with painting on canvas there remains a large variety of shifting, stylistic strategies that can underwrite and scaffold a critical engagement with conceptual ideas. For instance, it is practically possible to produce painting that finds it's starting point with every day objects that are modified through paint. Items found which reflect our culture in simple ways can be changed, their context altered and mutated. Painterly interventions, while experimental in parts can be implemented decisively, with certitude-changing levels of meaning without arbitrariness. The process of mutation, the transformation of the object is examined. In creating metaphors related to cultural change- through altering objects that have a specific cultural meaning and subsequently changing them thoroughly, as though pulling them inside out. I will be in NYC for seven weeks from the 10th of September, and I therefore could transport the artwork with me, if fortunate enough to be accepted.