78 x 47 oil on canvas
In process of creating that painting, I wrote poetic text that describes theme better than other words. I wish to create that painting for years, after one dark painting for most influenced man in my life that passed away, but for some reason did not can. I had need for ending that theme on some different way, that will become light not just for me but for everyone that will see that painting. One day on December 2014 everything opens and I intuitive start to paint and finished it in April 2015. “Archangel Michael, Maya and co.: creating new mythology - Once upon a time a man become ether, his life memory. Uranus played his games Venus is an extra big planet in artist eyes. A man become inspiration and his name just one ordinary name name of archangel. And there was a girl That swims in river of her dreams. Dreams was a nightmares She drowned. Archangel with just Ordinary name Saved a girl (her name was a Maya). With his help dark blue Danube throw Maya to the coast, you know Uranus had better plans for her. Michael left a sign just one feather In her hair Near hand Gold sphere Like Sun Like gold planet Of her spirit. Once upon a time a man become ether His life memory.”