16 x 20 4x5 Color Photograph- Archival Pigment Print
“The ancient trembling woman sitting by the stove, opposite the great cupboard, may well have been sitting there for a full quarter of a century, and her thought and feeling is without doubt closely interwoven with every corner of the stove and every single carving on the cupboard. And so the cupboard and stove are alive, for a human being has poured part of her soul into them.” (Heinrich Heine/ Reisebilder). My work explores the notion of disappearing places and man verses nature. In 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States it devastated two of the smallest and most isolated neighborhoods in New York City, Meadowmere and Warnerville. Located on the Queens/Long Island border Sandy destroyed homes and drove its residents away. Today this mostly unknown community is a landscape of abandoned objects, a requiem of left behind lives.