31" x 14" Photography on 35mm Film
As I continue to experience the corners of our earth, what I have discovered more than anything is the common thread that we all share. My love and respect for nature and its inhabitants is what drives me to share my experiences through photography. My images of India are simultaneously unique yet universal and above all representative of our shared existences here on earth. As film photography allows me to connect more deeply with my subject, I made the decision to only take one camera and one lens. My desire to pack light enabled me to immerse myself in the culture without the barrier of heavy equipment. The importance of timing and precision in my work is demonstrated by the uncropped images that were framed and shot in the moment. Since I’m shooting on film, the 21 frames of each roll force me to carefully consider each shot as I snap the shutter. Working with film both deepens my love for photography and expands my understanding of how to capture the essence of what I experience.