20 x 30 Digital/ Archival Inkjet Print
“I Live in a Mansion on the Other Side of the Moon” is a project using pseudo-documentary practices to imagine daily life in a post-apocalyptic world. Men have been transformed into heroic figures returning home to their forgotten kingdoms, where the territory is undefined, population unknown and toxicity level suspect. Documentation of daily life reveals their psychological fragility and resilience, coexisting and colliding towards an uncertain fate. The location of each image has been stripped of any specificity either at the time the photograph was taken or in post-production. I want the viewer to feel unsettled by the wildness of the physical and psychological landscapes within each frame. Believing that the human mind wavers precariously between the real and the imagined, my work embraces the uncertainty of reality and certainty of fantasy. In an effort to better understand reality, I am creating a visual map of an imagined territory that exists within the folds of this world.