27.5 x 39.5 ink, gouache, collage on paper
I am an artist who was trained in the social sciences. As such, I view my creative practice as a visual ethnography, an investigation into the untold complexities of the lived experience. I create paintings and mixed media pieces that express multifaceted narratives about human relations and emotional conditions. I construct bizarre and comedic scenes densely layered with psychosocial content. Drawing upon my childhood in the American Southwest, each piece suggests a symbology rooted in location. Referencing elements of allegory, oral history, ethnography, and personal narrative, my artwork does not replicate the literalism of the physical world. Instead, these pieces give expression to a uniquely individualized reality, a personal brand of magical realism. To make sense of these highly subjective stories, one must set aside preconceived exposition and accept a radically different reality.