12 x 20 mixed media sculpture
In The Myth of Flawed Perfection, the ancient religious fables of deities and punishments shine with modern casual trivialization. We are all connected and linked together in the universe even if we feel like cut up pieces. Broken Record Mythology illustrates the stories we tell ourselves in our heads about our experiences and our past to try to make sense of what kind of people we are and our place in the world, highlighting flaws and insecurities persisting like a looping recording. Using outlandish fortune cookie phrases and cut-up advertising words reassembled as sacred parables, Wheel of Fortune is a mechanical apparatus to explain and predict, almost as ancient devices used by oracles to predict the future of kings. As mythology studies and interprets revered legends often dealing with the human condition and the mysteries associated with it, these images express personal fantasies and fables that help us (or sometimes hinder us) in coping with the world. *more info available*