8.5 x 11 Hand Made / Paper
I have always been a wanderer of sorts, switching between fields, experimenting with materials, trying to find a perfect medium where I could contemplate the complexities of science yet appreciate the beauty of art. I was lucky to encounter one such medium during my time at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), a simple sheet of paper. The endless possibilities of the transformative medium inspire me in many ways. It is a revelation to see how the mathematics I learned over the years, play a key role in creating objects with paper. It amazes me how little changes in the angles or folds results into a totally different geometry. More than anything, being a very accessible medium, it allows me to meditate over the creative power of science, wherever I am. On a philosophical note, paper teaches me the true sense of love and tolerance. You fold it, crumple it or slash it, it sustains everything and produces a beautiful piece of art.